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A comprehensive online business course with over 200 videos +

resources like pre-built sales funnels for you to use, workbooks, and more.

You'll be guided from start to finish in creating your own online brand, sales funnel set up (even if you're not techy), email marketing, content strategy and more! Here's what people love about this course:

  • User friendly - broken down into small videos at 15 minutes maximum each
  • You don't need any knowledge or skills in business or digital marketing to start
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In this course, You will learn...

Module 1: Getting Started as a Digital Marketer

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

The Current Digital Marketing World

The Different types of digital marketing opportunities

Module 2: Building a solid business Foundation

Solid Business Basics - How to set it up

Crafting a Mission and Vision

Core Values and Ethics

Business Goals and Objectives

Understanding Business Models

Business Legal Structure Basics

Module 3: Tailor your business to your vision

Develop your business ideas

Documenting your Ideas

Research Market Growth Rate

Analyze Market Growth Rate

Research the Margins of Each Opportunity

Market Opportunities

Business Idea Refinement

Analyze the Investment Costs

Mission and Vision Alignment

Finalize your Idea

Ask yourself the Hard Questions

Module 4: Bringing your ideas to market

Product vs. Service

Idea to Prototype Journey

Product Pricing Strategies

Beta Testing Your Product

Feedback Implementation

Crafting Your First Product

Step-by-Step Prototype

Module 5: Branding your business

Branding Introduction

Branding Plan Part 1

Branding Plan Part 2

How to Develop a Target Market

How to Develop a Buyer Persona

How To Go Deeper Than a Logo

Colors in Branding

Coolors Tool

Crafting your Brand Voice

Effective Branding Phases

Module 6: Automating your business

Introduction to Automation

Choosing your System

Streamlining Operations

Implement Systems

Automation Best Practicess

Module 7: Legal documents for your website

Intro to Legal Documents

Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Income Disclosure

Distribution Rights

Module 8: Building a funnel in Stan Store

Introduction to Stan.Store

Going through the Check List

Digital Product Walkthrough

Digital Product Continued

Collecting Emails with Stan

Additional Features

Setting Up a Stan Funnel

Conclusion and Bonus Links!

How to Sell the Roadmap through Stan Store

Module 9: Build your funnel with

Pick your Business Name

How to Make your Logo

How to find your Freebie

How to Set up a Free Account

How to Optimize your Account

How to Build a Four Step Funnel

How to Edit your Squeeze Page

How to Edit your Information Page

How to Edit your Information Page with Course Descriptions

What Does a Good Info Page Look Like?

Create Space for your Legal Docs

How to Add in your Legal Docs

How to Add in a Legal Footer if you Lost it

Lets Take a Break to Link your Domain

How to Buy a Domain on Square Space

How to Configure DNS

How to Link your Domain to your Funnel

How to Edit your Slugs

How to Fix your 404 Page

How to Fix your SEO

Let's Connect your Payment Processors

Set up your Business Stripe Account

Set up your Business Paypal Account

How to Link PayPal to

How to Link Stripe to

Now, let's go back to our Funnel to Edit your Order Page

How to Finish your Order Page

How to Edit your Thank you Page

Module 10: Using a done-for-you funnel

Opening a Account

Uploading Pre-Built Funnel

How To Update Welcome/Squeeze Page

How to Update the Sales Page

How to Update the Order Page - Part 1

How to Create Stripe Account & Update Afterpay, Klarna

How to Update the Order Page - Part 2

How to Connect PayPal Business Account

How to Update the Thank You Page

How To Update the Contact Page

How to Update the Privacy Policy Page

How to Update the Terms Page

How to Update the License Page

How to Update the Income Disclosure Page

How to Update Legal Page & Final Review

Module 11: Using Stan/Store and together
Module 12: Testing your funnel

Testing Your Funnel

Changing Currency on a Funnel

Indexing Your Website on Google

Importing Contacts To

Module 13: Email Marketing Mastery

Email Marketing Essentials

Building a Subscriber Base

Crafting Impactful Emails

Email Design Best Practices

Advanced Email Techniques

Compliance in Email Marketing

Automate to Elevate

Segmenting Email Audience

Module 14: Email Marketing with Stan Store

Learn how to use the features in Stan Store to do your email marketing

Module 15: Email Marketing with

Learn the in's and out's of email marketing using

Module 16: Blogging For Success

Diving Into The Blogosphere

Content Strategy Development

Blogging Platform Analysis

Setting Up and Promoting Your Blog

Keyword Research and SEO

Crafting and Optimizing Blog Posts

Blogging Outreach and Engagement

Effective Blogging Practices

Module 17: Creating CONTENT that CONVERTS


Content Marketing Buckets

Choose your Content Medium

Content Identity

Different Buyer Types

Concise Messaging


Storytelling Framework

How to Attract the Right Audience

Do's and Don't of Content

Mindset on Views

How to Plan your Content Calendar

Mastering the Skill

Module 18: Optimization Tools

Social Studio


Introduction to ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT For Emails - Part 1

Using ChatGPT For Emails - Part 2

Introduction to UberSuggest

Keyword Research with AI

UberSuggest Keyword Introduction

UberSuggest Keywords for Blogging

Write a Blog with UberSuggest

Canva Course Picture

Module 19: Overcoming business challenges

Analyzing and Addressing Setbacks

Pivoting in a Changing Market

Networking for Business Support

Networking for Business Support

Module 20: Customer Service Excellence

Role of Customer Service

Customer Lifetime Value

CRM System Essentials

Implementing Feedback in Service

Building Long-Term Customersmer Relationships

Module 22: FACEBOOK Marketing

Facebook Introduction

Building your Personal Facebook Page

How to Make a Facebook Banner with Canva

How to find your Target Audience on Facebook

How to make Long Form Written Content

How to make Short Form Posts on Facebook

Building a Facebook Group

Building a Facebook Business Page

Specific Facebook Tips

Module 23: TIKTOK Marketing

Introduction to TikTok

Optimize your Profile

How to Edit your Playlists

Power of a Pinned Post

How to SEO your content

How to Determine if your Content is Optimized

How to Use Hashtags

How To Create a TikTok

Module 25: YOUTUBE Marketing

Introduction to YouTube

Channel Walkthrough

New Channel Customization

YouTube Studio Settings

Power Homepage Strategy

Create Your Ideal Person's Homepage

Purpose of Each Kind of Content

Simple Recording Flow

Uploading a Video

Tips Before Recording

Power of Playlists

Discovering Content Ideas

Module 26: PINTEREST marketing

How to drive traffic to your business using Pinterest

Module 27: Using CAPCUT for video marketing

What is CapCut?

Interface Overview

Editing Basics - Part 1

Editing Basics - Part 2


Text On Screen



Additional Tools

Finalize and Export

Module 28: Use Kajabi to build your own course


What Is Kajabi

System Settings

Creating Your Course

Creating The Offer

Customizing Your Course Page

Creating Your Lead Magnet Funnel

Editing The Optin Page

Editing The Thank You Page

Editing The Emails

Creating An Email Sequence

Creating A Broadcast Email

What Are Forms?

How Create Forms

How To Use Forms

Creating The Funnel

Editing The Pages

Editing The Email Campaign

Creating The Offer

What Are Automations

How To Setup Automations

Contact Overview

Adding Tags & Campaigns

Interacting With Students

Course Wrap Up


Hi Friend! My name is Ruth. I am from Ontario, Canada, and discovered the world of digital + affiliate marketing over the last couple years. I have spent the last 25+ years grinding in the corporate world as a CPA/Chartered Accountant. I was working 55+ hours a week and raising my two daughters on my own. I was exhausted all the time and was completely stressed out and eventually burned out.

Though I did well financially in my career, much of what I made went to putting my daughters through school and just covering the bills. I did manage to save money but worried it just wouldn't be enough to retire on. I had zero pension as a professional so I started looking at alternate ways to make money on the side. In 2018 I discover your typical 'how to make money online' social media videos. I tried everything from multiple MLM's to content creation and sales coaching.

NONE of it worked for me the way it was promised until I discovered the right way to do digital marketing in 2018....the way the professionals were doing it.

I was LITERALLY shocked by what I was taught by so called "leaders" in the MLM world. I was given spammy scripts to message to cold contacts on social media. I was taught a posting and praying and pray someone sees it and asks for info....and worst of all I was told to just keep doing it and never give up. I knew deep down, though I had zero marketing experience, that something was not quite right about this.

I saw other people on-line making tens of thousands a month and also knew that this was NOT a strategy big businesses and corporations relied on. They had entire marketing departments that executed on real marketing strategies. Though some of the strategies worked it to HOURS AND HOURS and lots of posting and praying to find a customer or new team member. I knew before long this was not the way I was going to have time freedom.

Fast forward to today, after learning the right skills that allowed me to SCALE my online affiliate businesses, coaching business and my MRR business, I no longer work a 9-5 and I am more than comfortably retired from the grind.

I absolutely love what I do because I can work a couple of ours a day from ANYWHERE and the rest of the time I can do what I want. I absolutely love spending time with my family, and doing all the outdoor activities that keep me young. healthy and having fun. I've made over a million using these marketing, sales and business skills since I started.

What I LOVE about this course is it goes hand in hand with affiliate marketing, MLM, or really any business you are aiming to scale and grow online. It teaches FUNDAMENTAL business and marketing skills.....everything you need to know about businesss, marketing, social media, personal branding and lots of other core competencies.

It also adds another online income source to your business with MRR as the course can simply be marketed as a stand along product as well. So it's like a double win. Learn and earn.

If you are ready to take control of your financial freedom, or change the trajectory of your life, I will be here to answer any questions you have and set you on the path to success. Never hesitate to reach out to me!



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